The Poetry and Prose of John Omniadeo

The Poetry and Prose of John Omniadeo

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Universal Bow

I bow to YOU, my dear friends and enemies
I bow to everyone like YOU who has ever lived or ever will
I bow to your reactive patterns
I bow to your distractions
I bow to your emotions and complex thoughts and stories
I bow to your dream of a permanent happy self
I bow to the knots in your stomach, the choking in your throat
I bow to the contraction in your heart
I bow to the tears in your eyes
I bow to your anger, your hunger without end
I bow to your stupidity, your busy silly life
I bow to your fearful arrogance and blissed out pride
I bow to you who know them all

I bow to your wealth
I bow to your poverty
I bow to your obesity
I bow to your anorexia
I bow to your success at the office
I bow to your panic at the downward sales trend and pink slip
I bow to your pride in your work
I bow to your boredom in cubicle, field and factory
I bow to your orgasmic bliss
I bow to your frustrations and sexual obsessions
I bow to your random acts of kindness and generosity
I bow to your unspeakable secret cruelties and the endless pain they cause
I bow to your peace negotiations
I bow to your heartless guns and planes and bombs
I bow to your strength and nobility
I bow to your weakness and addiction

I bow to the Lord of the Universe
the Hermaphroditic King and Queen of Great Compassion
with as many faces as the Stars
as many arms as the rays of the Sun

Please look here
I wander the six realms
lost and confused with my enemies and friends
Please let me never forget them

When you place your certainty in the soles of my feet
let me never forget we are hesitant, doubtful and indecisive
When you nest in the palace of bliss in my loins
let me never forget we are pained and frustrated and obsessed
When you take your seat of power and satisfaction in my gut
let me never forget we are hungry, weak and helpless
When you sit on the warm flower of peace and love in my heart
let me never forget we are angry, bitter cold and resentful
When you sing the angelic chorus in my throat
let me never forget we are hoarse, tongue-tied and stupid
When you gaze from the not-two eye of insight in my forehead
let me never forget we are duped by division and decision
when you open the clear sky above my forehead
let me never forget I must stay here with my enemies and friends

Radiant Lord, Kind Heart of my Teacher
once more I touch my forehead to the ground
please visit me here
please look on us all with your eyes of Love
and please grant your Grace
that I might live and die for the benefit of others


[reprinted from the old Unfettered Mind ning site]