The Poetry and Prose of John Omniadeo

The Poetry and Prose of John Omniadeo

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Listen, I Will Tell You What Is Important

Death is important
Important not then but now
Especially important now

Don't do it yourself but let Love instead
Always that is important
In the twinkling of an eye
Let the Last Trumpet blow
You will be changed and maybe laugh

At it

At it

At it

Love to All,

- John O.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Evil

I was born one hopeless morn
when the Sun refused to shine
my Momma took one look at me
said Lord have mercy he's mine
and you can see he's evil
he's evil Lord
oh Lord why you make him like this?
so evil
ain't nothin good in him
he's blessed with a Judas kiss

when I was five evil sakes alive
I didn't need her anymore
when they came I was livin by my wits
she was lyin on the floor
and they said this is evil
this is evil Lord
oh Lord why you make him like this?
so evil
ain't nothin good in him
he's blessed with a Judas kiss

I went to see my Daddy
I heard he's evil too
he just smile when he see me comin down the road
said if you're my boy I know what you're gonna do
when they came I hit the highway Lord
they found him slumped in his chair
now everywhere I go no one dare look me in the eye
but that don't mean they don't stare

they're thinkin I'm evil
and I'm evil Lord
oh Lord why you make me like this?
so evil
ain't nothin good in me
I'm blessed with a Judas kiss

Love to all in their worst moments,

- John O.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Queen of Wands

Water Fire 
Flow Burn 
Fluid Electric
Cat Hiss Guarded
Back Arch How High?
Lightning Stream
How Trunk Deep?

No Fortune Here

Inside Air-Earth
Inside Water-Fire
Empty Mind Place
Lion Protected
Power Rod Love Vision
Fish Becomes Ram

I Lay Down a Card

IV Cups 
Blended Pleasure
Devotion Obsession


Fish Moon Key XVIII
Illusion of Insight
Venus Exalted
Jupiter Rules


Swords' Ace
Air Root Power
Intellectus Primordii
Kether of Yetzirah
Skull Piercer
Sky Phallus
Mind Fuck


The  Lovers VI
Female Male
Male Female


Queen of My Heart
I Vow to Love and Serve You
Touch Me with Your Wand
Make Me Disappear
In Power and Love

- John O.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Magic Touch

She touched me by my liver
and a tumor opened up and became a cavern
and a dark and shiny winged thing like an insect
flew into the night

Go gather the lost and over tattoo’d
Go hover in lamplight above the tables of the disappointed
Let your wings whirr on hot afternoons above the brokenhearted
briefly as a distraction from relentless doom
Dodge the starlings and the fruitbats in the evening
Return when I call you

I stretch out my hand
I see the sun’s reflection in insect eyes
I see the shadows of the antennaeTiny things
How good it is to breathe and know you inside out
If you need a place to stay you have a home on my right side
Her touch works magic

Love to All,

- John O.

Diotima, My Secret Weapon

You are my Secret Weapon to dethrone the Wise
Every time You fall for Them I do remind Me
They fell for You too. Ha Ha. Where is Mind?
Not in Books or Zen or Puja
Not in Conversations with the Master
Not in Lazy Afternoons with Lover or Avoiding All

Look Inside or Outside, you'll never find It
Loop Looking round Itselfthe Picture spins
Fear least the one who rests in It
Fear most the one who's found the Way

The Attainment of the Master is profound
So where does it go when he dies?
If it doesn't die why do we need him?
If it does what good is a wilting flower?

Excuse me while I sing my Precious Guru
down from the Copper Colored Mountain
The Indestructible Mind of my Kind Teacher
is the same one who thinks of this and that

The Hermitage I am given is Ordinary Mind
The Instruction I am given is Union with My Lover
The Consort I am given is Arrogant Queen
The Meditation I am given is Death and Light
The Dedication I am given is Well Being for Others

You who gaze into the Wine with Furrowed Brow
Let Me know when You want to make Love

Love to  All,

- John O.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reply to Diotima

Diotima, to be so upbraided
by Your Wisdom is a Blessing
Your Jeweled Knife is Double-Bladed
and with more than Mind you’re messing

I asked Greg Bender’s Sage Attention
He told me, “John, heed the Dakini!”
Greg, somehow you didn't mention
publicly She’d roast my Weenie

Diotima, to call John a Loser
is to call a Fire hot
not for hottie Pick-n-Choosers
John's as you sayWhat else you got?

John's a Beggar not a Banker
John is Verminnot a Pet
and to call John O. a Wanker
is to call your Water wet

John's One with the Ridiculous
(which is one with the Sublime)
One with Bed Sores, One with Pus
One with War and Toxic Slime

But through Lifetimes Dark and Dank
in Straitened Circumstances, Thankless
John O. vows that He will wank
until All Sentient Beings are Wankless!

Love to All,

John O.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dump Truck Drivin Man

had a RadioFlyer, baby
when i was five years old
i pulled that wagon, baby
when i was five years old
knew my way to the incinerator
mostly did what i was told

got me a license, baby
been drivin since the dawn
drivin a dump truck, baby
been drivin since the dawn
i heard you say you love me
now you cry, "my shit is gone!"

you can ride shotgun, baby
but i gotta work this truck
you can even drive it, baby
but i gotta work this truck
the day they're out of garbage
is the day i'm shit out of luck

down in the dumpyard, baby
some man open up that pit
we go on down there, baby
some man open up that pit
then we pull that lever and
that gonna be the end of it

i almost always dump it, baby
but some stuff i keep a while
i try to keep it legal, baby
but some stuff i keep a while
don't say i didn't warn you
when you see that burnin pile

i've always got to love you, baby
and i know that i can
i'm always gonna love you, baby
and i know that i can
what i don't know's if you want the love
of a dump truck drivin man


- john o.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Live with a Broken Heart

picked up his rig in Bakersfield
fore the sunrise hit the smog
coffee and eggs in Barstow
but his mind was still in a fog
he got up to go take a leak
he heard the country music start
and it hit him quick
like a flyin brick
he was gonna have to learn to live with a broken heart

she was laid off at the diner
cuz she didn’t like the boss’s leer
it was just the same when her husband left
she was glad when she got past the fear
she’d call her sister in LA
take the kid and get a brand new start
but now she cried
as she felt inside
she was gonna have to learn to live with a broken heart

there’s a crazy eye inside you
that can see another view
where they don’t have to poison the pigeons
and the dead are all made new
where the lion and lamb are snugglin
and you’re playin just your part
and it never ends
but here my friend
you’re gonna have to learn to live with a broken heart


-  john o.