The Poetry and Prose of John Omniadeo

The Poetry and Prose of John Omniadeo

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Diotima, My Secret Weapon

You are my Secret Weapon to dethrone the Wise
Every time You fall for Them I do remind Me
They fell for You too. Ha Ha. Where is Mind?
Not in Books or Zen or Puja
Not in Conversations with the Master
Not in Lazy Afternoons with Lover or Avoiding All

Look Inside or Outside, you'll never find It
Loop Looking round Itselfthe Picture spins
Fear least the one who rests in It
Fear most the one who's found the Way

The Attainment of the Master is profound
So where does it go when he dies?
If it doesn't die why do we need him?
If it does what good is a wilting flower?

Excuse me while I sing my Precious Guru
down from the Copper Colored Mountain
The Indestructible Mind of my Kind Teacher
is the same one who thinks of this and that

The Hermitage I am given is Ordinary Mind
The Instruction I am given is Union with My Lover
The Consort I am given is Arrogant Queen
The Meditation I am given is Death and Light
The Dedication I am given is Well Being for Others

You who gaze into the Wine with Furrowed Brow
Let Me know when You want to make Love

Love to  All,

- John O.


  1. silhouettes take shape
    out of the darkness
    form from emptiness born sinking
    into the sun's onyx setting

    still, they love

  2. Indeed, we do, Kind Mistress of Philosophy!

    Thank you!