The Poetry and Prose of John Omniadeo

The Poetry and Prose of John Omniadeo

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Path of No Desire

Mostly I desire indulgence
And respond with quick repression           
But repression lacks effulgence
And I feel a deep depression
So I ease repression’s clasp
Give desire some slight expression
In a jiffy I will grasp
Onto some absurd obsession

No obsession is complete
Without somebody to obsess with
I’m too proud to whine and bleat
so it’s mostly me I mess with
till I, righteously and smugly,
find a crowd to be a pest with
their desires are fucking ugly
and it’s them I am obsessed with

Once they feel their rightful shame
I will feel superior
I know it’s not me to blame
If they are inferior
Of course it’s clear for all to see
From my blank interior
My soul’s the soul of purity
Evil’s all exterior

I gave up all my desires
Though the rest of you may rue it
I don’t like those painful fires
All that sick frustration, screw it!
I sit up here where it’s higher
And make fools like you go through it
But next time I feel desire
You might want to make me do it

(A—timely?—reprint from my writings on Ken McLeod's UM Ning)

Love to All,

John O.


  1. Ah, the god realm the titan realm, I do know those intimately too.
    I should have read this before I sent my daughter an email.

  2. Ellen, I am glad you got that this post was all about you. I myself am doing just fine, thanks.


    - John O.